Collaborative Curiosity: Designing Community-Engaged Research

About the Course

Collaborative Curosity will be held May 23 to July 18, 2016. Participants will learn about community-engaged research (CEnR) with students, faculty and community members from VCU, Richmond and around the globe through this connected learning course, which is free and open to the public.

Course Learning Goals

The core questions that were investigated during this course:  

  • What is community-engaged research (CEnR)?
  • How do we understand CEnR as a research perspective rather than as a specific method or technique?
  • How do we build and maintain collaborative research partnerships involving stakeholders within and beyond the university?
  • How do we design and implement CEnR?
  • How do we ensure that CEnR is mutually beneficial for all stakeholders?
  • How can we disseminate and translate research findings in ways that are accessible to diverse audiences?

Connect with the Course

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  • #VCUCEnR

Connect with the Instructors

Valerie Holton, PhD, LCSW

Tessa McKenzie, MPH

VCU Student Course Enrollment

Doctoral students may enroll in this course for 3 credit hours at the current VCU tuition and fee rates. Completion of a graduate-level research course is a prerequisite for this course. Contact Dr. Valerie Holton at for pre-approval to register.

More Information

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