What is AmeriCorps?  

AmeriCorps is a national service corps of over 75,000 members that provides adults of all ages a chance to make a difference in local communities across the United States through one year of service. Members work together to address a community-identified need in critical areas like education, homelessness, disaster relief and organizational capacity.  

What is VCU AmeriCorps?

VCU AmeriCorps is one of the largest and longest-running AmeriCorps programs in Virginia. Established in 1995, the VCU AmeriCorps Program has an educational focus with the goal of helping improve the academic skills and engagement levels of grades K-8 children, in low-income communities in the city of Richmond.

Supporting K-12 Education

VCU AmeriCorps addresses education needs in the city of Richmond by partnering with in-school and out-of-school time programs that have demonstrated models of success. These partners aim to enrich daily academic and extracurricular programming for students. By providing teams of innovative and highly trained tutors and mentors, VCU AmeriCorps enables community partners to enhance program quality and expand capacities to serve the Richmond region.

Why VCU AmeriCorps?

VCU AmeriCorps has successfully served the Richmond region for more than 20 years. By collaborating with community partners to develop comprehensive academic tutoring programs, VCU AmeriCorps continues to see positive outcomes for struggling students. In addition to providing quality academic intervention, VCU AmeriCorps is committed to providing K-8 children mentors. VCU members serve as role models and develop strong relationships with students. From those relationships, VCU members align academics with student interests and work to create a learning environment that is positive and encouraging.