DCE History & Structure

As a large, decentralized university in the heart of the City of Richmond, VCU faces challenges within the community.

  • Units are disconnected and moving in different directions
  • VCU can be seen as a “force to be reckoned with” by community
  • Funders are pushing universities to get more engaged in the community

The Division of Community Engagement:

  • Serves as the point of contact for external and internal stakeholders
  • Represents the university in the community
  • Represents community engagement perspective within university leadership
  • Helps university build capacity to work with the community
  • Provides professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Ensures integrity of community-engaged scholarship
  • Incubates best practice community engagement models
  • Tracks higher education trends, locally and nationally
  • Bridges disciplines to advance interdisciplinary partnerships

Read the full article, "The University Next Door: Developing a Centralized Unit that Strategically Cultivates Community Engagement at Urban Universities."

Division Staff Organizational Chart

View DCE staff or download the DCE Organizational Chart (PDF).