Community Partner Applications


If, after reading about the different types of university student volunteers, you believe a service-learning partnership is right for your organization, we encourage you to apply to become a VCU service-learning community partner. Complete the application (Word), and e-mail it to Katie Elliott at

Once we receive your application, our staff will work with you to find VCU service-learning instructors and classes that match your organization’s mission and current needs. The process of planning a new service-learning partnership typically takes between three and six months.

VCU ASPiRE Program

Who are VCU ASPiRE community partners?

VCU ASPiRE community partners are comprised of a community-based entity that possesses or works to address a community-identified need. Types of partners are non-profit organizations, schools, businesses, government agencies, advocacy groups, neighborhood associations, faith-based organizations, churches and other organized groups with community engagement missions.

VCU ASPiRE community partners most often represent the needs of our regional communities, although global entities with common missions are viable partners as well. Organizations charging a fee for student participation are not recognized partners. VCU ASPiRE will not engage in a community partnership for the sole purpose of student fundraising.

Community partner benefits include:

  • Access to VCU resources, faculty and trained student volunteers.
  • Professional development workshops.
  • Invitations to related VCU events and programs.
  • Opportunities to serve as a paid instructor for VCU ASPiRE.
  • Access to state-of-the-art meeting rooms.
  • Collaborative grant opportunities.

Community partners are expected to:

  • Build sustained relationships with the university and VCU ASPiRE.
  • Link community-identified needs with available VCU resources.
  • Provide meaningful service opportunities for VCU ASPiRE students.
  • Utilize VCU ASPiRE’s assessment process to evaluate the partnership.
  • Engage in educational and developmental activities.
  • Support active learning, accountability and evaluation.

Apply to become an ASPiRE community partner

For more information about community partnerships, contact Nannette Bailey at or call (804) 827-1759.