Service Orientation Videos

The videos below were created by the Service-Learning Office for students and faculty to assist with providing an orientation to service-learning and working in the community. These can be shown during class (particularly in the first week) to help students understand how service-learning courses differ from traditional courses and provide them with important information about working in the community prior to beginning their service.

The Service-Learning staff has created assessments for each video that instructors can use as part of the student participation grade or simply to ensure that students watched the videos prior to service.

Send requests for copies of the assessments to Katie Elliott at or have your students enroll in Blackboard Service-Learning Student Training:

  • Go to your Blackboard homepage.
  • Go to tab labeled "organization" at the top of the page and select it. 
  • An organization search box will appear in the top left hand corner. Type "Service-Learning Student Training" and click "Go."
  • The organization ID will come up with the name Katie Elliott as the leader. Click on the double arrow by "SLS_Training" and click "Enroll."
  • The training should show up in the list of organizations on the lower right hand side of the Blackboard homepage.

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