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Through training, funding and support, the Division of Community Engagement helps advance faculty members as community-engaged scholars.

Faculty support

Community Engagement Institute

The DCE's flagship training opportunity held in May

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Service-learning workshops

For experienced service-learning instructors

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Partnership development workshops

Discussion-based workshops for faculty and community partners

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Community-engaged scholar

For me, research, teaching and service are totally integrated. The impact of my scholarship is not just in journal publications, but rather how many people within the community have access to care.

Rosalie Corona, Ph.D. 
Professor of psychology and director of the VCU Latina/o Mental Health Clinic

Community-engaged research

Community-engaged research (CEnR) is a collaborative process between the researcher and community partner that creates and disseminates knowledge and creative expression with the goal of contributing to the discipline and strengthening the well-being of the community.

Community Learning Cohort

Scholars Compass

Partnership database

Community engagement conferences

Center for Clinical and Translational Research

Grants and fellowships

A variety of small grants are available to help support high-quality service-learning courses, to deepen community partnerships and to facilitate scholarly engagement.

Travel grants

Partnership grants

Project grants

Special track grants

Faculty fellows

Community Engagement awards

Community engagement awards

As an ongoing recognition of collaboration between the university and its greater community, the Council for Community Engagement proudly highlights and celebrates partnerships that benefit students, staff, faculty, alumni and our community partners on local, state, regional, nationa, and global levels.

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