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Richmond Youth Program Quality Intervention

The Youth Program Quality Intervention is a quality improvement process for out-of-school-time service providers. It is the only regional quality improvement process being implemented throughout the Richmond community.

Utilizing the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality system, the process empowers education and human service leaders to adapt, implement and scale best-in-class, research validated quality improvement systems to advance child and youth development.

In 2018-19, Richmond YPQI served over 23 organizations and 48 sites, serving 36,000+ youth annually.

Becoming part of the next cohort gives an organization access to assessment, coaching, and professional development, while also connecting staff with the broader youth development professional learning community. In addition to data on their program, organizations receive regional and national comparative data.

“Children are always better off when adults working with youth are keeping quality programming in the forefront. All of the tools and resources the YPQI process have provided have helped to keep our programming fresh and new for reoccurring students.” – YPQI participant

Interested in participating?

If you are interested in participating in Richmond YPQI's next quality cohort, please contact YPQI program manager, Charles Johnson, at

MFYC involvement

In partnership with the United Way of Greater Richmond and Petersburg, the Mary and Frances Youth Center manages the implementation of YPQI. MFYC's involvement in the process supports the center becoming a local and regional youth training resource for youth program quality and youth development professionals.

Richmond YPQI is supported by:

YPQI Coaches and Trainers

Our coaches are seasoned youth development professionals who care about the quality of programming youth are experiencing in our community and have a desire to support site teams as they participate in each phase of the continuous quality improvement process. They represent fellow site leads, supervisors, and managers from OST time organizations within the Richmond Region who are also involved in the YPQI process. Each participates in annual training, after which they become certified by the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality to conduct external assessments. These quality assessments are conducted at the site level and input into the online Scores Reporter.

Our trainers can facilitate the ten Youth Work Methods trainings designed by the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality. The majority of our trainers manage youth development programs or centers in our local community. Their expertise and experience make them valuable members of the YPQI team.

Meet the YPQI coaches and trainers.


Sites involved in YPQI demonstrate the diversity of OST time programs across our region, from large multi-site afterschool or community-based organizations to small, single-site community or faith-based organizations. Some programs operate year-round while other programs work with a small number of students for half a year. Youth Service Councils that meet with youth once a month have also participated in YPQI. The main requirement is the program provides consistent services to youth (grades K-12) during non-school hours.

Yes, we have a shared investment model, offering sites the option between two packages. Richmond YPQI Packages range from $500-650 and are based on the services provided. The fee helps offset the cost of supplies, trainers, assessors, coaches, and coordination expenses. Richmond YPQI subsidizes 85% of the fee for each site through generous grant funding by our sponsors, in an effort to make the process affordable for all organizations.

View the YPQI package of information for more on fee structures.


The YPQI site lead is the person at each site who will be responsible for attending all of the YPQI trainings, leading the assessment process and creating the improvement plan. The site lead will gneerally spend approximately 33 horus through the year on the process. At least two additional staff will participate by conducting a self-assessment using the PQA tool, attending the team meeting and assisting in the improvement planning. Those staff members will spend a combined total of 35 hours throughout the year. These numbers may decrease in subsequent years as the team becomes accustomed to the continuous quality improvement process and less training is required.

View the YPQI package of information for more on time commitments.

Sites must commit to participate in the full YPQI, which includes attending core trainings and professional development (PQA Basics, Planning with Data, Methods Training, and Closing Celebration).

Optional trainings may be available depending on need and interest. These may include external assessor training (two-day training the first year and one-day refresher training in subsequent years), Methods Training of Trainers, Beyond the Methods, SEL Methods, and peer learning workshops.

Each site (and an organization may have multiple sites) should designate one person to serve as the site lead who attends all of the core trainings (Basics, Planning with Data, Reflection Celebration). The site lead is usually a site manager, supervisor, or director, but could be anyone at the site. It is important that this person has sufficient time to coordinate the process and attend all trainings. While the site lead is the primary person who will attend all of the trainings, each site is encouraged to bring other staff members to the trainings in accordance with their packages, in order to help facilitate the YPQI process. The Methods trainings are a great opportunity to involve other staff members because of their short duration.

View the YPQI package of information for more on our attendance policies.