Trainings and Registration

2022-2023 Training Calendar

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Below is a list of trainings planned for Fall 2022. The training format will be noted in the registration system. Each registration is intended for use of one participant only. Regardless if the opportunity is virtual or in-person, please register each participant interested in a particular training and pay any associated fees.


  • 5th: ChildSavers: Trauma Informed Practices
  • 11th: Deconstructing Disabilities
  • 13th: SEL: Emotional Foundations and Self Awareness
  • 17th: Cultivating an Inclusive Workspace
  • 19th: Disability + Neurodiversity 101
  • 20th: Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom
  • 25th: Deconstructing Disabilities
  • 26th: SEL: Emotional Foundations and Self Awareness


  • 1st: Fostering Clear Communication
  • 9th: Community Conversations
  • 9th: Gender: Beyond the Binary
  • 10th: Religious Diversity
  • 15th: Difficulty Dialogues in the Workplace
  • 15th: Implicit Bias in Healthcare
  • 18th: SEL: Emotion Coaching


  • 7th: ChildSavers: Youth Resilience
  • 14th-15th: Youth Mental Health First Aid  

January - June, 2023 Workshops TBD