SPM Program Reviews

As part of an ongoing process to monitor compliance with the SPM Policy at VCU, the Mary and Frances Youth Center conducts program reviews for programs registered with the Policy. This process will take approximately two hours and includes a document review and program observation. The purpose of the SPM program review is:

  • To ensure policies and procedures are in place for the safety of minors on campus
  • To ensure programs/staff have the information and resources they need to be compliant
  • To encourage the adoption of best practices within programs

The Process

Program reviews will take place approximately every three years. Programs will be notified by email when selected to participate so that a mutually agreeable time is scheduled. Programs will receive a report within two weeks of program review completion. The report will include a documentation review based on policy compliance and programmatic feedback based on observation. MFYC offers a variety of workshops to support the adoption of positive youth development practices should programs seek professional development support.

The SPM program review process involves the following steps:

Programs should prepare the following information for document review. Materials may be shared electronically in advance or available during observation.

  1. Current roster of Tier I & Tier II individuals.
  2. Confirmed background check and sex offender registry screenings for all Tier I & Tier II individuals.
  3. Confirmed SPM training certificates with a score of at least 80% for Tier I & Tier II individuals.
  4. Participant documents: list of participant names, room assignment (if applicable), gender, age, address, emergency contact, and phone numbers(s) of parent/legal guardian to be reached throughout the duration of the program (if different from emergency contact above).
  5. Provide a copy of program communications and notifications plan (see page seven of SPM Policy for what is included).

The program observation is informal in nature and will review basic essentials of positive youth development practices (e.g. Did youth receive a warm welcome? Did staff partner with youth in today’s activities? Did youth have an opportunity to reflect and provide feedback?). Observations will take no more than one hour and you may choose which aspect of programming you would like observed. Feedback will be provided for internal use in making positive changes and is not reflected in the policy compliance.