Program Outcomes

VCU AmeriCorps Theory of Change

Impact on Students Served

Tutoring and mentoring services by VCU AmeriCorps members provide positive benefits up to 1,000 students annually in the metro-Richmond area. These positive outcomes support a variety of academic and social gains for students. The most emphasized aspect of this service delivery is the positive effects of program services on student academic achievement.

  • The majority of student participants improve at least one grade level after receiving program literacy support.
  • Program support contributes to increases in the number of students who are able to read at grade level at post-test.
  • Students receiving program reading support and mentoring services demonstrate better behavior.
  • School attendance figures appear to be positively affected for program participants.
  • Teacher and site liaison surveys suggest a positive correlation between program reading support and overall student achievement.

Impact on AmeriCorps Members

Participation in VCU AmeriCorps provides program members with a variety of opportunities for professional and personal development, including strengthening their leadership skills, enhancing their ability to work within a team setting and increasing their commitment to community and national service. Information collected from annual member surveys shows a direct link between member service activities and member growth and development.

  • The majority of members believe the service experience helped them gain a better understanding of the educational system.
  • The majority of members found the service experience helped prepare them to make informed decisions about their future careers.
  • The majority of members found that member trainings prepared them for service activities.
  • The majority of members felt that their service sites benefitted from their assistance.
  • The majority of members felt that the students they tutored/mentored improved socially and academically.
  • The majority of members plan to continue to stay civically engaged in their local community through service.

Member Reflections

"I accepted an invitation to serve as a VCU AmeriCorps Team Leader and embarked on a truly life-changing experience. Working with students from less fortunate backgrounds was certainly challenging. It took much patience and perseverance to complete. This experience only solidified my desire to be a teacher abroad and continue on the path to reach my goal."  - Hal Dockins, 2014-15 Corps

"I found myself in a place where strong souls arrived every day to face the challenges at hand. I also found 20 new best friends, all about 7 or 8 years old. We learned together and laughed together. Some days were easier than others, every single day was worth it." - Kaitlin Heath, 2014-15 Corps