Neighborhood Outreach

As an urban university, VCU's people and programs blend into the cultural fabric of the university's surrounding neighborhoods. Therefore it is critical that the university work collaboratively with its contiguous communities to develop mutually-beneficial relationships. A full-time neighborhood outreach director works closely with the community, the VCU Police external relations officer and the VCU Neighborhood Team. In addition, a VCU neighborhood liaison group was established in 2013. With representatives from Carver, the Fan, Jackson Ward, Oregon Hill and Randolph, the group strives to share information and resources, pursue common goals and develop activities that enhance our communities.

VCU’s Off-Campus Student Services recognizes that VCU is part of an extended community that makes up the City of Richmond. Students are encouraged to participate in community events and attend neighborhood civic meetings.

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Carver-VCU Partnership

In 1996, the university launched the Carver-VCU Partnership, an agreement between Dr. Eugene Trani, president of VCU at the time, and Ms. Barbara Abernathy, president of the Carver Area Civic Improvement League. The partnership aimed to create a shared urban community with a commitment to improving the neighborhood’s quality of life, while providing learning opportunities for students. The legacy of this partnership is being carried on through an expanded vision that incorporates additional neighborhoods surrounding campus.

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Howard, C. W. & Allison, K. W. (2004). "Bringing All Partners to the Table: The Virginia Commonwealth University and Carver Community Partnership." Metropolitan Universities, 15(3), 57-76. 

Carver-VCU History Document (PDF)