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Adjunct faculty support

The Service-Learning Adjunct Support Program aims to provide VCU adjunct faculty with the training and resources they need to teach high-quality service-learning courses.

Eligibility and Requirements

The program is open to all adjunct faculty at VCU who are currently teaching or who are assigned to teach service-learning designated courses.

View application materials.

Participant Benefits

  • Participation in the Service-Learning Institute.*
  • Participation in the Service-Learning Workshop.**
  • Ongoing mentoring and support from Service-Learning Faculty Fellows.
  • Service-Learning Project Small Grants Program (specifically set-aside for adjuncts).
  • Ability to apply for Service-Learning Travel Grants Program.
  • Access to Service-Learning office space.
  • Opportunity to participate in the Service-Learning Teaching Assistant program.

*This includes a cash stipend of $200 for the two days.
**This includes a cash stipend of $50 for the half day workshop.