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Service-learning grants


The Center for Community Engagement and Impact provides a variety of resources to help faculty enhance their teaching and scholarship.

Service-Learning Partnership Small Grants

The Service-Learning Partnership Small Grants Program provides financial support to VCU faculty members who are initiating or deepening relationships with off-campus community members/organizations to support high-quality service-learning courses.

Two types of funding categories are available:

  • New Partnership Funding is available to faculty members who have a specific plan for working with off-campus individuals/organizations to co-develop a new service-learning class or to expand an existing service-learning class to include a new service site or service project.
  • Established Partnership Funding is available to service-learning instructors who have already established a sustained service-learning partnership with off-campus individuals/organizations and would like to expand or deepen their partnership to include scholarship or other high-level collaborative activities.

The funding amount for both categories is up to $2,500 per application. All applicants must provide a project description, a work plan and timeline for the year that articulates the activities that will be completed by the faculty member and by the community partner(s), a description of end-of-year deliverables, a project budget and a letter of support from the community partner.

View application materials.

Service-Learning Project Small Grants

The Project Small Grants Program supports VCU faculty projects that will enhance and increase service-learning pedagogy. Activities funded under this small grants program must be used to support designated service-learning classes or service-learning research.

View application materials.

Service-Learning Travel Grants

The Travel Grants Program supports the scholarship and professional development of service-learning instructors. Preference in the awarding of travel grants is given to instructors who are traveling to disseminate service-learning scholarship (e.g., papers, posters and discussions at professional conferences).

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Service-Learning Special Track Grants

The Special Track Grants Program supports VCU service-learning projects that will promote university student learning in one or more of the following areas:

  • Civic education/civic learning
  • Equity and access in health/wellness
  • Equity and access in K-12 education

These funds may support courses that are currently designated as service-learning or to revise an existing course not currently designated as service-learning so that it meets the service-learning course designation requirements.

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Additional university resources

VCU Office of Research and Innovation

Visit VCU Office of Research and Innovation for information on internal and external funding resources for community-engaged research projects.

Additional Funding Resources

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