Strategic Planning Process

Our strategy commitments

We started our planning process with a listening tour, conducting extensive interviews with faculty and staff across the university, and with members of the community, we have existing relationships with and others who are widely respected. Importantly, all members of our staff also provided input both in interviews and staff-wide meetings. Out of that research, we developed five commitments to guide the implementation of our plan.

Focus: We are committed to establishing and advancing a clearly stated purpose, priorities, and focus areas for the Center.

Identity: Communications is essential to the effectiveness of any strategic plan, and we will build greater awareness about the work of the Center and the importance of community engagement to VCU’s mission.

Re-engage: We know if that we don’t involve the community in our planning and program delivery, community engagement programs won’t maximize their results. Mutual benefit is and will always be critical to our service to both VCU and the community.
Students and Faculty: We asked and we were told that the Center should be a coordinating and centralized resource to support faculty, research, and student learning. This will be one of our core functions.
Trust: We understand that community trust is earned and maintained by demonstrating visible, active leadership to serve the public good. We are committed to that principle

Our strategy process

The 2025 Strategic Planning Steering Committee was charged with developing a high-level plan that identified goals and key strategic priorities to guide the future of community engagement at VCU. The Committee assessed ways to strengthen partnership opportunities that, first and foremost, served the community, and provided real-world educational and research experiences for VCU faculty and students.

A four-step planning process (see chart on right) was used to guide the work of the Committee, which was based on a thorough research effort with staff, VCU faculty and staff and the Richmond community. While the Committee was comprised of leaders across the Center, every member of the Center staff was involved during key points during the process.