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VCU Votes is a network of VCU students, faculty and staff members dedicated to promoting voter engagement on campus.

VCU Votes


Nov 2, 2021, is Election Day!

Virginia will vote for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and House of Delegates in 2021.

VCU Student Commons is a polling location for some residential students

Get Registered

VCU students have the choice between registering to vote at their permanent address or on-campus address. While voting on campus is usually easier, some students may choose to register at their non-VCU address if they have a special interest in elections in their permanent address district. Every time an address changes, there is a requirement to re-register. 

For more information on registering as a college student, visit the Virginia Department of Elections website.

The deadline to register to vote in Virginia is 22 days before the election, and students are encouraged to register early. Register to vote or check your voter registration status in any state via or the Andrew Goodman Foundation.

VCU Votes

VCU Votes is a network of VCU students, faculty and staff members dedicated to promoting voter engagement on campus. VCU Votes coordinates campus-wide voter engagement events, provides voter education, and works to make VCU the most voter-friendly campus it can be.

Whether you are a student, faculty or staff member, the information on this page will help you engage in the voting process as an educated citizen.

Questions? E-mail

Visit The Andrew Goodman Foundation for a comprehensive guide to voter registration, deadlines and 2021 election information:

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Sources alerts can reduce the harms of foreign disinformation by Arnold, Reckendorf and Wintersieck

Harvard Kennedy School, Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy article authored by VCU professors

Source alerts can reduce the harms of foreign disinformation

Engaged Citizen Series

The VCU Office of Institutional Equity, Effectiveness and Success (IES) in collaboration with the Center for Community Engagement and Impact is developing a series of IExcel eLearning courses on Engaged Citizenship. The first course in this series is called the Active Citizen's Toolkit.

Inside this toolkit you'll find a variety of resources to prepare you for an active role in your community. You'll find different ways to engage and use your voice in methods such as volunteering, voting, and protesting. You'll find there is an activity for every student to get involved when you are informed on an issue.

Learn more and enroll.


Important Fall Voter Deadlines

Given the possibility of unforeseen delays, VCU Votes urges registering and voting in advance of deadlines.

October 22, 2021 by 5 p.m: Deadline to request an absentee ballot

November 2, 2021: November General Election

The Virginia Department of Elections is encouraging voters to protect their health during COVID-19 by voting absentee.

Three Ways to Request an Absentee Ballot:

  1. Apply for an absentee ballot online and paperlessly by clicking here.
  2. Call your local registrar's office and ask them to send you an absentee ballot. You can look up your local registrar's number here. The number for Richmond's Office of the General Registrar is (804) 646-5950. Please note that Richmond's Registrar's Office is closed to the public for business because the City of Richmond is closed. During the closed period, please call Richmond 311 at (804) 646-7000 and they will send the Registrar's Office a message.
  3. Download and print the absentee ballot application form the website. All paper absentee application forms can be found here. Once you complete the application, return it by mail or email a scanned copy to your registrar's office.

Before Election Day, learn about the candidates and make a voting plan. Consider the following questions:

  • Who or what am I voting for? You can preview your ballot and find nonpartisan candidate information via Vote 411 or the Andrew Goodman Foundation.
  • Will I vote absentee?
  • If I plan to vote in person, where do I need to go to vote? You must vote at your designated polling location, which you can check here.
  • How am I getting there? While polling places around VCU are generally within easy walking distance, you may need to find another means of transportation. Make a plan well before Election Day.
  • Given my schedule on Voting Day, at time will I be able to vote? Polls in Virginia are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Virginians can now take advantage of no-excuse early voting 45 days prior to an election.

  • Local election officials may offer early voting on Sundays.

  • Early voting permits citizens to cast ballots in person at a polling place prior to an election.

  • Voters do not have to provide an excuse for being unable to vote on election day.

For more information about early voting, visit the Virginia Department of Elections website.

Student Involvement in Civic Engagement

This class has given me perspective on how my peers and I are the exact target audience for "Get out the Vote" campaigns.

Yumna Rahman 
Student in Service-Learning class working with VCU Votes

VCU Votes Advisory Council

The VCU Votes Advisory Council is an active group of faculty, students, and staff members that coordinates campus-wide voter engagement events, provides voter education and works to make VCU the most voter-friendly campus it can be. You can also schedule a classroom visit from VCU Votes and receive information on how to help your students become and stay engaged as voters.


Jacqueline Smith-Mason, senior associate dean, Honors College

  • Megan Becker, associate director of residential life, VCU Student Affairs
  • Lily Cox-Richard, assistant professor, VCU School of the Arts
  • Judi Crenshaw, instructor, Robertson School of Media & Culture
  • Rebecca Elrod, intern, Robertson School of Media and Culture
  • Shelli Fowler, associate professor, Department of English
  • Emily Leary, Andrew Goodman Foundation student ambassador
  • Mark Meire, instructor, Department of Focused Inquiry
  • Nicole O'Donnell, assistant professor, Robertson School of Media & Culture
  • Nicole Patterson, coordinator for student leadership & civic engagement, Student Affairs
  • Madison RackleyAndrew Goodman Foundation student ambassador
  • Jordan Roberts, executive director of voter engagement, VCU Votes Student Coalition
  • Reuban Rodriguez, dean of students, Division of Student Affairs
  • Fred Tugas, assistant dean, Division of Student Affairs
  • Amanda Wintersieck, assistant professor, Department of Political Science

Awareness & Education

  • Shelli Fowler
  • Nicole O'Donnell
  • Reuban Rodriguez


  • Judi Crenshaw (chair)
  • Megan Becker
  • Rebecca Elrod
  • Lily Cox-Richard
  • Nicole O'Donnell


  • Jackie Smith-Mason
  • Fred Tugas

Voter Registration/Turnout

  • Nicole Patterson
  • Jackie Smith-Mason

Student Coalition

The VCU Votes Student Coalition is a network of VCU students dedicated to promoting voter engagement on campus. VCU Votes coordinates campus-wide voter engagement events, provides voter education, and works to make VCU the most voter-friendly campus it can be.

Join our group on RamsConnect to stay connected with events this fall, including National Voter Registration Day, debates, watch parties, and much more! Our team is here to help you navigate your civic duty while in college. 

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