VCU Votes

What is VCU Votes?

VCU Votes is a network of VCU students, faculty and staff members dedicated to promoting voter engagement on campus. VCU Votes coordinates campus-wide voter engagement events, provides voter education, and works to make VCU the most voter-friendly campus it can be. Learn about the current members of our university-wide VCU Votes Advisory Council.

VCU prides itself on helping students get informed and get to the polls. Many students living on campus can now vote in the VCU Student Commons, and VCU provides free shuttles to other nearby polling locations.


VCU students have the choice between registering to vote at their permanent address or at their on-campus address. While voting on campus is usually easier, some students may choose to register at their parent’s address if they have special interest in elections back home or feel that their vote will count more. Every time your address changes, you must re-register.

The deadline to register to vote is 22 days before the election. Register to vote or check your voter registration status via or the Andrew Goodman Foundation.

Before Election Day, make a voting plan, and consider the following questions:

  • Will I need to vote absentee? If so, check the deadlines for absentee voting in your state.
  • Where do I need to go to vote?
  • How am I getting there? While polling places around VCU are generally within easy walking distance, you may need to find another means of transportation. VCU provides free shuttles to all polling locations around campus.
  • What time will I be able to vote?
  • Who or what am I voting for? You can preview your ballot and find nonpartisan candidate information via Vote 411 or the Andrew Goodman Foundation.

For more information about what to do on Election Day, read the next section: “Get to the polls.”

If you registered to vote using your on-campus address, you must vote in person on Election Day unless you have an extenuating circumstance preventing you from getting to the polls. Polls in Virginia are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. You must vote at your designated polling location, which you can check here.

Polling locations vary by residence hall. Current polling locations for residence halls are:

  • University Student Commons: Brandt, Cary & Belvidere, Johnson, Rhoads, West Grace North, West Grace South, Honors College

  • George Washington Carver School: Ackell, Broad & Belvidere

  • Clark Springs Elementary School: Gladding Residence Center (GRC)

  • Dominion Place: Grace & Broad 

If your VCU ID shows the name on your voter registration, then you may use it to verify your identity at the polls. If your VCU ID shows another name of use, you will need another form of identification from the list provided by the Virginia Department of Elections.

If you need to vote absentee, you can request a ballot here up to 7 days before Election Day. If you are voting absentee out of state, this deadline may be different.

Students: We have tons of opportunities to get involved in voter engagement both on and off campus! If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities or have any general voting questions, please reach out to us at

Faculty: Interested in providing voter education to your students? Email us at to schedule a classroom visit or find out about more ways to keep your students informed!

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VCU Votes Advisory Council


Jacqueline Smith-Mason, Associate Dean, Honors College

Matt Tessema, VCU Student and Andrew Goodman Foundation Vote Everywhere Ambassador


Nannette Bailey, community partner coordinator, VCU ASPiRE
Megan Becker, associate director of residential life, VCU Student Affairs
Erin Brown, director, VCU ASPiRE
Lily Cox-Richard, assistant professor, VCU School of the Arts
Meredith Katz, assistant professor, Department of Sociology
Marcus Messner, interim director & professor, VCU Robertson School of Media & Culture
Nicole O'Donnell, assistant professor, Robertson School of Media & Culture
Nicole Patterson, coordinator for student leadership & civic engagement, Student Affairs
Lynn Pelco, associate vice provost, VCU Center for Community Engagement and Impact
Allie Reckendorf, assistant professor, VCU Department of Political Science
Reuban Rodriguez, dean of students, Division of Student Affairs
Jeff South, associate professor, Robertson School of Media & Culture
Fred Tugas, assistant director, Student Leadership & Civic Engagement, Student Affairs
Anne Carver Weakley, instructor, Department of Focused Inquiry


Awareness & Education

Anne Carter Weakley (chair)
Candyce Brown
Erin Brown
Nicole O'Donnell
Reuban Rodriguez


Lynn Pelco (chair)
Meghan Becke
Lily Cox-Richard
Marcus Messner
Nicole O'Donnell


Jeff South (chair)
Lynn Pelco
Allie Reckendorf
Jackie Smith-Mason
Fred Tugas

Voter Registration/Turnout

Erin Brown (chair)
Nannette Bailey
Candyce Brown
Nicole Patterson
Allie Reckendorf
Jackie Smith-Mason
Matt Tessama